Outreach Ministries M-Z


Ministry to Serve the RCIA    

Purpose or Mission: RCIA is a faith formation process by which the Church brings new members into full communion with our faith community. It stresses the need for a living experience of Jesus and the Church, and not just knowledge. Our whole parish community is involved in walking with all the new members in their faith journey. We are “all” called to evangelize and give witness to our faith. In doing so, our own faith is renewed and strengthened.

Is the Lord calling you to use your gifts and talents for the RCIA? Some of the ways of service are to presenters, sponsors and catechists for those journeying to become Catholic, praying for those involved, providing hospitality or refreshments or just by spreading the about RCIA.

Requirements: A desire to respond to the Holy Spirit and use your gifts and talents to “Courageously Live the Gospel.”

Time Commitment: Will vary based on level of participation

Meeting Times: To be determined based on assignments and events






Parish Outreach

Purpose or Mission: Our outreach program provides financial help to the needy of our parish. It is supported by the generous offerings of parishioners who want to make a difference.

Contributions are placed in the Poor Boxes at the entrances to the church or in a basket placed on the altar steps once a month at Sunday Mass.

Requirements: If you are a registered parishioner, in need of some assistance please contact the parish office and ask for more details. Our assistance is completely confidential.

Contact: Parish Office 727-786-3648


Office Volunteers

Purpose or Mission: To staff the parish reception desk during regularly scheduled office hours Monday through Friday.

Provide assistance by answering telephones, filing, typing making copies and helping with special projects.

Requirements: Desire to utilize office skills to assist the parish.


Time Commitment: A minimum of four hours weekly.

Meeting Times: Weekly and as available to help with special projects and assignments.

Contact: Carol Taylor

727-641-2168 or parish office 727-786-3648

[email protected]




Respect Life

Purpose or Mission: To increase awareness of the sacredness of human life from conception to natural death. To encourage support for a lifesaving prayer project in our parish and Diocese to promote Pro-life outreach programs: 40days for Life, Kimberly Home, the annual Poinsettia Drive and political involvement.

Requirements: A respect for all human life and the commitment to end abortion.

Time Commitment: May vary as spent includes daily prayer and special projects.

Meeting Times: As needed at Ministry Fairs, and holding prayer vigils at abortion sites.

Contact: Carol Taylor


[email protected]




Rosary Makers

Purpose or Mission: We meet in fellowship to assemble handmade rosaries to share locally and abroad so that the powerful blessing of praying the Rosary can be made available to others. Started in September 2010, St. Luke's Rosary Makers have distributed rosaries to the military and missions around the world.  

Requirements: Desire to learn to make rosaries to share with others. Materials generously provided by the Knights of Columbus.

Time Commitment: A minimum of two hours weekly.

Meeting Times: Meetings are on Mondays from 10 A.M. to 12 P.M. in the St. Clare Building

Contact: Andrew Carpenter


[email protected]

St. Luke's Disciples of Hope New Parish Ministry created in response to the call to Courageously Live the Gospel

Purpose or Mission: To encourage and enlist all parishioners of St. Luke the Evangelist catholic Church to use their time, talents, or treasures to perform works of mercy; feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and visiting the sick, as well as the Spiritual Works of Mercy of praying for the living and the dead.  

Requirements: We are all called to be Disciples and this is your opportunity to show your faith through works.

God understands that we can't all donate 2 hours a week, or a $100 a month, but if everyone in this parish gave $1.00 for each of our projects, or donated just 15 minutes of their time a few times a year, imagine what we could do!

Our projects include the F.E.A.S.T. Food Drive currently conducted twice a year. We collect non-perishable, not expired food, paper products, toiletries, baby products, and pet food to stock the shelves of Palm Harbor's Food Bank.

Pinellas Hope Lunch: We provide 200 lunches for the homeless. The lunches consist of a sandwich, fruit or veggies, homemade cookies or chips and water. They are prepared and assembled at St. Luke' and delivered to Pinellas Hope.

We need help assembling and delivering the meals and help with donating cookies.

Time Commitment: You can be involved as much or as little as you like.

Meeting Times: Meetings are announce in the bulletin and on the parish website.

Contact: JoAnn DeFrancesco 727-733-1013

Kathy Waldron  727-667-6087

Kathy Haertel 727-785-7544

Marie Cardone 727-781-7281

 [email protected]




Purpose or Mission: Helps promote the sharing of “Time, Talent and Treasure” in response to the command to “Love God, Love Our Neighbor and Make Disciples.

The ministry helps attract parishioners to join ministries through ambo talks, bulletin articles, Ministry Fairs and social events and coordinates the annual APA campaign and other parish fund raising.

Requirements: Willingness to speak in front of groups, organize events and approach others with opportunities to be involved in the support of the parish.

Time Commitment: Varies with the time of the year but averages a few hours a month.

Meeting Times: Flexible scheduling based on assignments.

Contact: Steve Putnam


[email protected]





The Welcome Ministry

Purpose or Mission: To attract and welcome new members of the parish to the St. Luke family by developing brochures, letters and collateral pieces that reflect the warmth and welcoming spirit of our faith community.

We personally contact newly registered parishioners in order to share information about the parish and to invite them to put their faith in action and join a ministry!

Requirements: A genuine desire to make each new member of the parish feel welcomed by initiating contact by phone, letter or in person, maintaining phone contact to share upcoming events, as well as hosting Newcomer Welcome Events and participating in Ministry Fairs.

Time Commitment: Ongoing ministry outreach requires a commitment of 3-4 hours a month plus time for parish events and projects.

Meeting Times: Meet quarterly depending on the level of activity.  

Contact: Maureen Myers


[email protected]