Liturgical Ministries A - Z




Altar Servers

Purpose or Mission: To assist the priests during the celebration of the Mass. This important ministry is available to all boys and girls of the parish who have made their First Communion and are in 4th through 12th grade. Opportunities are also available for adult men and women of St. Luke who would like to serve at daily Mass.

Requirements: Training is provided. Servers must be willing to assist with reverence and respectful joy.

Time Commitment: Minimum of serving one Mass a month.7psgp6axo6l27wyacljy911publ.jpg

Meeting Times: Sundays and opportunities to serve at special Masses for holy days, weddings and funerals.

Contact: Claudia Useche,


[email protected]





Church Environment Assistants

Purpose or Mission: To help create a beautiful church according to the liturgical season.

 Volunteers under the direction of the creative leader, help decorate the church at special times throughout the year. Help is especially needed after Lent, Easter and Christmas to remove and store decorations.

Requirements: Some heavy lifting and climbing maybe involved.

Contact: Bruno Soldo,


[email protected]




Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Purpose or Mission: Extraordinary Ministers are confirmed Catholics who assist our priest in the distribution of Holy Communion at our weekend and week day Masses.

Requirements:  A heartfelt desire to share the Precious Body and Blood of Christ with reverence and respect. Training sessions are held one to two times per year. A meeting with the Pastor is also required prior to being commissioned to serve as an Extraordinary Minister.rlftmgfgdklxw27pkwjnc3c3gil.jpg

Time Commitment: Asked to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to Mass on the date you are scheduled to serve.

Meeting Times: Daily, weekend and special Holy day Masses are available. Specific Mass times and assignments can be requested and are scheduled via church software.

Contact: Jean Gaspar


[email protected]




                                                      Gift Bearers

  Purpose or Mission: Gift bearers represent the entire congregation during the offertory.

 Requirements: All member of the parish are invited to bring the offertory gifts in procession. Those individuals who have requested a certain  Mass on behalf of a special intention or a loved one have first opportunity to present the bread and wine. Others who want to present     the gifts at a particular Mass are asked to call the parish office or speak with an usher to secure a set date.

Time Commitment: The time selected for Mass.

Meeting Times: Gift Bearers are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to Mass and confirm their arrival with an usher who will seat them in a reserved spot.

Contact: Carol Taylor Parish Office 727-786-3648





Purpose or Mission: To proclaim the Word of God during Mass with devotion and clarity.

Requirements:   The ability to read clearly and distinctly is required. Training is provided as needed.

Time Commitment: Mass plus preparation.

Meeting Times: Weekly Masses and other liturgical events as scheduled. Specific Mass times can be requested    

and are scheduled via church software.

Contact: Jean Gaspar


[email protected]  







Music Ministry

Purpose or Mission: To Provide musical leadership to support the congregation in singing at Sunday Masses and other liturgical events

Requirements: There is no previous training necessary to join the choirs other than a joyful voice and or the ability to play a musical instrument.

Time Commitment: One to two hours per week for rehearsals plus participation during Mass.

Meeting Times: Choir Practice Times Band Rehearsal: Thursday Evenings 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Choir Rehearsal: Saturday Afternoon from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Spanish Choir Rehearsal: before Sunday Spanish Mass

Contact: Bruno Soldo


[email protected]   or [email protected]





Purpose or Mission: The role of the sacristan is to prepare the altar before and after Mass. He or she should be present 30 minutes before Mass to prepare the vessels and placement of Liturgical books, candles, lights and bells. When Mass has ended: cleans the vessels, clears the sanctuary, extinguishes candles and turns out the lights.

Requirements: Must be a registered parishioner and approved by the Pastor.

Time Commitment: Length of the Mass and the time to prepare before and after.

Meeting Times: Weekday and weekend Masses as well as other Liturgical events.

Contact: Sr. Vigy Joseph


[email protected]



Ushers Ministry

Purpose or Mission: To provide hospitality, fellowship, courtesy and welcoming to those who come to the celebration of the Mass.

Volunteers also take up collections and facilitate the smooth flow of people during the Eucharist, parishioners entering and exiting the

building and may manage any emergency situation.

Requirements: Specific Mass times can be requested and training is provided. Must be committed to attend Mass and arrive 15-20

minutes ahead of time to assist parishioners.

Time Commitment: .Mass plus early arrival requirement.

Meeting Times: Weekend Masses and other Liturgical events as needed.

Contact: Eugene Sollog


[email protected]