Thank you for your interest in St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church. Whether you're just visiting us for a brief time, looking for a new parish home, returning to the practice of your Catholic faith or interested in finding out more about the Catholic Church, we're happy you found us. If you're already a parishioner, glad you're here!


   Our Parish Mission:

The people of God in the parish of St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church, in union with our pastor and parish staff, are centered on the Eucharist and are a welcoming and diverse community. We are committed to proclaim the Good News of God's love by developing the spiritual growth of our parish family, encouraging active participation, personal stewardship and community outreach.


Weekend Masses
Saturday Vigil: 4 pm
Sunday, 8 am, 10 am, 4 pm

Weekday Masses
Monday-Saturday 8 am
Divine Mercy & Rosary 7:24 am
Every Friday following the 8:00 am Mass until 9 am
First Friday of the month 9:00 am to 12 noon following 8 am Mass
First Sunday following 10:00 am Mass

Saturday 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm
7:24 am prior to weekday Mass
3:30 pm prior to 4:00 pm Saturday Mass
7:30 am prior to the 8:00 am Sunday Mass
Parish Rosary held monthly 


Are you missing the Holy Communion? Why don’t you call us to let us know that you would like to receive Holy Communion? We are here to help you.

We also depend on your prayers and sacrifices. Please do not forget to send your contributions to your Parish.
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2.) Another check for Building fund. This is where we need more money at this time.
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     St.Luke Catholic Church
     2757 Alderman Rd
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12th Sunday in Ordinary Time





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Jb 38: 1, 8-11

2 Cor 5: 14-17

Mk 4: 35 - 41



Gospel Meditation



June 23, 2024—12th Sunday in Ordinary Time


      Right now, you and I are only worried about one of only two things: wind or water. Bear with me. This week we hear the account of the terrified disciples waking Jesus in a sea[1]storm. He chastises them for their lack of faith, and then, “rebuking the wind, he said to the sea, ‘Quiet, be still!’” He rebukes the wind and stills the water. In the Bible wind and water represent the two most fundamental poles of our experience of creation. Wind means heaven, spirit, that which gives identity, unity, order, light. Water stands for earth, variation, potential, that which can be drawn into identity, darkness, chaos.

     Too much “wind” is when things get way too rigid, abstract and ideological — when we face oppressive leaders and tyrants, when we get addicted to our own way of doing things, when our attention is too narrowly focused on one thing. Too much “water” is excessive novelty, passivity, indifference, and chaos — when our attention is too broadly diffused on many things, when things seem to be crumbling without direction into the dark abyss. We know both terrifying experiences all too well.

     The point of the miracle is that God in Christ is the One who brings final cosmic harmo[1]ny between these two vital but threatening forces. He ultimately does so from the wood of the cross, when he breathes forth the wind of his spirit and pours forth the water from his side to establish a new creation, filled with harmonious peace. When the wind and water are out of control, trust him. — Father John Muir ©LPi



     In this final communication to you as your pastor, I extend to each one a sincere “THANK YOU”. You have been extremely good to me. The appreciation party you organized was a true expression of your sentiments for me. Thank you very much for the organizers who worked extremely hard and to all of you who came. Those who could not come contacted me later to express their sentiments of appreciation. Thank you very much for your hard work, your presence, your kind words, both written and spoken, and your assurance of prayers for me and your gifts. I experienced firsthand the result of my effort to make the parish a family at that moment. My thought to send a thank you note remains a wild dream.

     I wish to share with you how grateful I am to leave the Parish which I have loved and worked hard for, in the secure hands of Fr. Richard Rosin. You will soon fall in love with him. I will extend my support to him during this transition if he needs it. Every Priest is different in some ways. He will bring with him his visions and plans. His ways may be different from my ways. For the flexible ones it may be extremely easy. For others it may be difficult, especially if you were happy with my ways for the last 14 years. But this change is for your growth. Fr. Richard Rosin, our New Pastor, will hold the baton from July1, 2024. He will lead us to distances that we may have never imagined. Please welcome him and accept any changes he brings in good spirits.

     As a registered member of St. Luke Parish Family, I would be glad to sit with you in the pew to worship the Lord, unless my priestly service takes me elsewhere. Once more my sincere gratitude to each member of the parish family. Your support, cooperation, and sacrifice made me to have a sense of pride in you. As you are the last beneficiaries of my active priestly life, I go with the satisfaction that you were good cheerleaders for me to complete the run as expected of me by the good Lord. My gratitude to Fr. Camilo, Sr. Vigy, Bruno, Pamela, E.C.C. Staff and Teachers, Adam & Kathy, Dr. Cruz & Antonio, and all the volunteers. Your understanding and selfless cooperation will adorn my heart as long as my memory lasts. In my 14 years as your pastor, if I have hurt you in any way at any time, please forgive me. Deliberately, I never tried to hurt anyone nor to take revenge at any time. Please pray for me. I promise to pray for you every day. Here is my contact information: Cell Phone: 727-252-4010. Email: Frpaulkochu@gmail.com. Address: 2914 Hanna Court, Palm Harbor, FL 34684-1712.


Special Book Signing Event Monday, June 24, 2024

Times: 3:00pm to 4:00pm AND 7:00pm to 8:00pm

St. Luke’s New Parish Hall

Books will be available for $10 each

RSVP by June 20, 2024 – 727-786-3648

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St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church

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Important Dates

June 2 - The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

June 7 - The Solemnity of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

June 8 - The Feast of The Immaculate Heart of Mary

June 24 - The Solemnity of The Nativity of John the Baptist

June 30 - The Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul Apostles



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Parish Rosary - hosted by various ministries

Join us in September when we resume this

beautiful event on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  

Parish Bulletin (click on copy to see each bulletin)

  • Sun, Jun 23rd

  • Sun, Jun 16th

Daily Scripture Reading

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School of Faith Reminder

St. Luke's School of Faith Classes 11:15 am to 12:30 pm

Late registrations are still being accepted. Remember, it is never too late to share our Catholic faith with a child, enroll today.

  • If you have any questions call the SOF 727-786-3648, ext. 104.
  • Register for 2023-2024 

Registration information

Just click on the links below and print the forms!

School Calendar for 2023- 2024

Registration Fees for 2023-2024

Family/Household Information

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Bishop Parkes Wants To Stay Connected With You!

Bishop Gregory Parkes has added a new weekly video program to his prolific social media presence. The program is titled, Take Five, Conversations on Faith and Life and it’s a talk show format that features interesting guests from around Florida and around the country. The segments are about five minutes in length and are designed to easily fit into people’s busy schedules. Video segments can be seen on the bishop’s Facebook and Instagram (@BishopParkes), the diocesan YouTube Channel (@DioStPete) or visit www.dosp.org/bishop.

Our Bishop's Bold New Website

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am happy to inform you of a news website that is officially launching today that is designed for you. The website is called GulfCoastCatholic.org and it will provide articles that help you to know, live and share the faith.

All of us in Tampa Bay, the Suncoast and the Nature Coast are geographically connected by the waters of our coastline and spiritually connected by the waters of Baptism. Our logo is a visual reminder of these connections.

Whether it’s stories about faith and family or news about our pope and our Church, GulfCoastCatholic.org will provide timely and relevant articles for staying up-to-date with Catholic life.  We will also share stories about people who are Courageously Living the Gospel

I encourage you to subscribe to our free, weekly e-newsletter, the Wednesday Wave. Then, you can stay informed and hopefully inspired

Thank you for your faithfulness and may God bless you and all of your loved ones!

Bishop Gregory Parkes
Bishop of St. Petersburg


How ‘The Chosen’ Changed My Life and Deepened my Catholic Faith. Click "The Chosen" link below to be directed to the site.

 If you haven’t seen “The Chosen,” I’m here to recommend that you do. It’s easily the best Christian-based television show to date. It has changed my life forever. I believe it can do the same for you.


Vote No On Amendment 4

An extremely grave amendment has been placed on the November 2024 ballot that seeks to erase pro-life protections by inserting language into the Florida Constitution prohibiting regulation of abortion. The amendment would allow late-term abortions, and would eliminate laws requiring parental consent and safety protocols for women. The Catholic Church across the state of Florida is urging all Florida Catholics and people of good will to vote “no” on Amendment 4. To learn more, visit www.dosp.org/voteno.




Office of the Chancellor for Canonical Affairs

Prayers and Donations for Ukraine

Various Catholic agencies around the U.S. are collecting donations to assist with the crisis in Ukraine. If you would like to provide financial assistance, please click on any of the following links:

Catholic Relief Services

Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia

Catholic Near East Welfare Association

Aid to the Church in Need – Support for Religious Sisters in Ukraine

Please pray for an end to the senseless violence that has so severely disrupted the lives of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, as well as their family members throughout the world.

 Click to download Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for Russia and Ukraine.




Catholic Ministry Appeal

Across the Diocese, nearly 13,000 families have made a commitment online, in the mail or at their parishes. These gifts will fund efforts that nurture spiritual life, embrace God’s call to serve and accompany missionary disciples.


 To learn more about the Catholic Ministry Appeal and the incredible Catholic ministries it supports,         visit dosp.org/catholicministryappeal.

Please give what you can. But please participate. Every family, every person is important. 


To learn more about the Catholic Ministry Appeal and the incredible Catholic ministries it supports,visit dosp.org/catholicministryappeal.

Please give what you can. But please participate. Every family, every person is important. 

Fr. Paul

The Power of Prayer



St. Luke's Prayer Chain (727) 460-9540 


St. Luke Early Childhood Center



Parish Contributions

St. Luke Catholic Church

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